Membership Plan

We recognize that not everyone has dental insurance, and too often our patients get “priced out” of regular preventative dental care. We’d rather see you twice a year for cleanings than several times for emergencies.

No Insurance? No Problem!

What Is The MSD?

MDP stands for Mansfield Dental Plan. For patients that do not have dental insurance, the MDP can help you get excellent dental care at an affordable price. The MDP is an In-House Savings Plan that saves you 15% on preventive services like dental hygiene visits and x-rays, plus gives you additional savings on restorative services like Fillings and Crowns! The MDP runs on a calendar-year basis, and we begin signing patients up in the Fall. We offer the MDP to all ages, including children!



Adult Annual Membership Fee

Suitable for patients 15 & older



Children Annual Membership Fee

Suitable for patients 14 & under



Periodontal Annual Membership Fee

Suitable for patients with periodontal disease

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